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Making everything better since 1868

Over the past century and a half, Mcllhenny Company has proven that the secret to the world’s most beloved pepper sauce is craftsmanship. From seed to sauce, generations of artistry have consistently delivered the unique, bold flavour that has become a celebrated tradition around the world. Only the highest quality seeds can become the finest heirloom peppers; which are picked at the peak of ripeness, mashed the very same day with just the right amount of salt. The pepper mash is then sealed in white oak barrels, matured to perfection for three years and then blended with premium distilled vinegar; resulting in a pepper sauce unlike anything else in the world. 

Kick is what happens when you take peppers, vinegar and salt and age them for three glorious years. It’s what elevates a love for pizza into lust, turns great sauces into legendary ones and transforms your everyday Bloody Mary brunch into one of the best days of your life. Kick is what makes this fabulous world of flavour go round and is the very reason why more than 164 million bottles of TABASCO® are consumed each and every year in over 180 countries.   

Is TABASCO® Sauce an ingredient or a condiment? TABASCO® Brand loves this question simply because it loves the answer. It's both. It's the very reason why there's a bottle of TABASCO® Sauce on millions of tables around the world. It all comes down to flavour. As a condiment, it enhances your favourite foods. As an ingredient, it accents and deepens them. Whether you're accenting an omelette or simply spicing up one of your world famous Bloody Mary's, TABASCO® Sauce is the only way to go. It's the answer to just about any culinary conundrum. So incredibly versatile, even the Queen on England gave it the royal seal of approval.

TABASCO® Brand is a family run business where people make the difference. From pepper growing operations around the world to the dedicated workers in its factory and barrel warehouses to its Marketing and Sales teams around the globe, it is the expert, innovative and committed people of Mcllhenny Company that make TABASCO® Sauce and everything it does, better. 

Since the inception of TABASCO® Sauce, it has had a long and harmonious relationship with the environment.  Generation after generation, Mcllhenny Company has recognised its responsibility to operate in a sustainable manner and to be good stewards of its natural resource. For TABASCO® Brand, sustainability is not a trend but a way of life, so as the brand grows, so too does its commitment to the planet. That's why its always looking for new ways to mininise its environmental footprint, both locally and beyond. 

Today, Edmund Mcllhenny's TABASCO® Sauce is enjoyed by millions of people in over 180 countries. But it's not stopping there. Not until it's on every table and in every home possible. Because when you love pepper sauce as much as TABASCO® Brand, you can't help but want to share it with the entire world.