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TABASCO® Green Pepper Sauce 12 x 60ml

The refreshing flavour that never overpowers.  It’s the mildest sauce in the range.

TABASCO® Green Sauce delivers a great tangy flavour. It is made from mild green jalapeño peppers mixed with vinegar and salt. 

While lower on the heat scale than TABASCO® Sauce, TABASCO® Green Sauce adds a signature zest to a variety of dishes and recipes.

TABASCO® Green Sauce enhances a variety of dishes without the bother of seeding, slicing or chopping jalapeño peppers. 

It’s a staple flavour of Mexican food and also can be used in anything from seafood to vegetables, dressings and fruit. A few dashes gives new zip to margaritas and piña coladas.

Suitable for vegans.

Pack Size 

12 x 60ml

Green 60ml square