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TABASCO® Buffalo Sauce 2 x 1.89ltr

TABASCO® Buffalo Style Hot Sauce is a cayenne pepper based sauce with classic buffalo flavour that does more than just make great wings.  

TABASCO® Buffalo Style Hot Sauce uses only five high-quality, all-natural ingredients: red cayenne pepper, salt, water, distilled vinegar and garlic. The result is a pepper sauce with moderate heat level that’s as flavourful as an ingredient as it is a condiment.

TABASCO® Buffalo Style Hot Sauce does more than make one-of-a-kind wings. Its thickness and moderate heat level make it a great condiment for a wide variety of foods, like pizzas, dips and beans.  Its popular flavour profile also makes it a versatile ingredient for a range of recipes. 

Suitable for vegans.

Pack Sizes

2 x 1.89ltr

Buffalo square