Food Trends

Looking for street-food excitement from core products?  You need Chaco's on the menu!


They’re a fun feast for the eyes and a perfect fit for the current trend towards all things #hotandspicy.


Made with Harvest Farms 110g Louisiana, Buttermilk or Tempura fillets, all you need to do is load them with tomatoes, red onions and mixed peppers, top with cheese sauce and crushed tortillas, sprinkle with a spicy fajita seasoning and drizzle with mayo and a devil relish.


Super easy to make, even easier to serve, and a perfect fit for the current trend towards finger-licking deliciousness... not to mention their instagrammable appeal.


Watch the video to see our Chefs in action!


TABASCO® - Vegan & Hot In One Bottle!

With the number of Vegan, Vegetarians and Flexitarians growing exponentially, it is becoming more and more important for operators to offer interesting and flavoursome vegan menu options.  This can be a challenge. However, with the ‘spice & heat’ trend continuing to be popular on menus, why not combine the two trends? Adding a kick either with heat or smokiness is an easy way to boost your menu.  TABASCO® Sauces are all vegan.  Just a few drops will spice up your vegan dishes.  Choose from; mild & zesty TABASCO® Green Pepper Sauce, smoky TABASCO® Chipotle Pepper Sauce or the world-famous kick of TABASCO® Original Red Pepper Sauce.
The Rise of the Vegan image (cropped)


The vegan population is expected to rise by 327% by 2020!


  • 260% increase in the number of UK vegans in the last decade

  • 1 in 5 people would consider going vegan
  • 9 out of 10 vegans want more food on the go options
  • 42% of vegans are in the 15-34 age range
  • Ocado saw a 1500% increase in plant based food sales in the last year
  • Many parts of the world are trending towards plant based eating
  • The future of eating is flexitarian
  • Orders for plant based foods have reached an all time high
  • Going vegan is a lifestyle choice
  • Half of all Brits know a vegan!


Take a look at our vegan product range for inspiration and our NEW award winning vegan mayo.


Continuing trends 2019
What's hot?

  • Fire up the heat - named chillies & varying heat levels
  • BBQ / Smoke - these remain on trend with emphasis on named smokes (i.e. hickory & oak) & regional BBQ flavours (i.e. Louisiana, Texas)
  • Vibrant - colourful and inspiring dishes
  • Well-being - positive flexible choices / clean eating with well-being in mind
  • Hybrid / fusion - combining different culinary traditions, ingredients & flavours
  • Street food - flavours from around the world / finger food to eat on the go